Friends of TFC upgrade

We need to transfer you to the   new  FofTFC  pages.  In order that we  have your  most up to date  email address can you fill in the form below.


You will receive the following, all at no extra  cost during your  current subscription period:

1. A   free upgrade for the remainder of your  current   subscription. *

2.  A new  membership  number   (via  email receipt)

3.  A 10% discount  code  for all FofTFC  merchandise  (excludes DVD/Airshow Tickets and non Friends of TFC items) (included on your  Certificate  download)

4. A new  password for the  FofTFC pages, these include exclusive information  about ongoing restorations and archive  information on TFC aircraft as well as exclusive  news updates not included in the TFC diary. *

5.  A FofTFC  current   year  certificate to allow access to FofTFC marquee  and Flight line walk at Flying Legends  2014.**

6. As previous discount  access to IWM Duxford on none airshow/event days

* Notification in your  order confirmation

**Look out  for the  Download link on your  order confirmation.

Terms and Benefits  may  change  due to external factors – F of  TFC June 2014