November Desktop

camera p40c, TFC

What better image for Novembers Desktop than that of the P-40C ruining the tranquility of Duxford early on a calm morning in the Spring!

October Desktop

camera spitfire-mkV, TFC

Our Spitfire  Mk Vb EP120  has   had a  busy  year in 2015  as  has  pilot  Al Wade, caught  here in contemplative mood  before  transit to Holland.

Misty Mountain Hop

admin TFC

Well, to  be  fair  the  mist had  lifted  and there aren’t any  mountains at Duxford but we  liked the  title. Just after    eight o’clock on a beautiful sunny   September  morning the  Fighter Collections  Spitfire  MkVb and P-40F were prepared and ready to take off for a display at   Church Fenton(Yorkshire)  in the afternoon.  Alan Wade and Dave Southwood  the pilots, …

Something Different

admin Friends of TFC, TFC

We are always amazed  by the  kind offers and ways  our  Friends  of TFC support us.  At Flying Legends this  year we  were  presented with  this amazing artwork gift from German artist Peter Steininger which  Pete Rushen accepted on behalf of TFC. The Indian head logo has been ‘painted’ using crushed stonework and presented as a fantastic full colour representation …

Friends of TFC at the September Duxford Airshow.

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With  just a  couple of days to the Duxford 2015 September  Airshow arrangements for Friends of TFC  are  being finalised.  We will have a  stand in the same place as the  Spring airshow, that is  just opposite the  control tower.  It should be  easy to find as we plan to  have  one of our  aeroplanes  parked adjacent (weather  permitting).  As …

TFC at Goodwood

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  TFC  aeroplanes all arrived safely at  Goodwood:    


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Three Spitfires positioning to Goodwood today for Revival weekend. Spitfire Mk I, MkIA and XIV. Brian Smith, Pete Kynsey and Carl Schofild. Pete Ford providing the taxi service to get everybody back to Duxford ready for a 10:20 departure tomorrow with the Spitfire V, Hawk 75 and P-40F.             Clocks ticking….