Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to the ten most frequently asked questions on our “contact us” page , please can you see if their is an answer to your question here before contacting us.

1. What aircraft will be displaying at the next Flying Legends Display this year?

Aircraft currently  booked   for Flying Legends 2015  can be found here: Flying Legends 2015.  It is not a guarantee but what ever we have currently planned; paperwork, servicability, weather, pilot availability, paperwork etc. may affect participation.

2. Where can I stay or how can I travel to Duxford.

This page  Useful Information has our helpful guides on local accommodation and bus/rail services. These are outside the control of TFC, especially the rail services.

3. What will the weather be like during the Flying Legends week end?

We would like to have control here but we don’t. If we did it would be Warm , Sunny with just a light breeze to stop the Spitfires overheating. To repeat we have yet to find a way to control the weather.

4. What price are tickets?

Flying Legends 2015  prices are now   available  –  you can book here: Tickets   where all options will be  available. They will not change before the display.

5. Can I stay out on the Flight line during the display.

Sorry, but the answer is and always will be no!

6. Is there a discount for……. at Flying Legends

If you are a senior citizen or registered disabled the answer is yes, please check the ticket prices in the link at 4 above.

7. Can I volunteer with TFC?

We have a volunteer team who help with everything. This does not mean restoring Spitfires or rebuilding Griffon engines. It means supporting the engineers by cleaning drip trays, sorting out spare parts, collating data on a computer, helping with merchandise, cleaning drip trays and helping at airshows. If you can commit to at least 12 Sundays a year and are flexible in your approach then contact us and we will get in touch.  Interested  ?  Fill in this form:   Volunteer Application

8. What price is the Flight Line Walk this year?

For 2014 it was still £5, but FREE for Gold Pass/Bremont VIP/Friends of TFC.  2015 prices are not  yet  published.

9. What dates are Flying Legends 2015?

We are pleased to announce the dates for 2015 as  11 & 12  July

10. Someone told me, or I saw on the internet you have acquired a very rare xxxxxxxx is that true?

Until anything arrives in the hangar we don’t know.