Vickers-Armstrong Spitfire FR XIV G-SPIT

Built at the end of 1944 at Keevil, this Spitfire Mk XIV was stored by the RAF until early 1945. It was sent, from 33MU at RAF Lyneham, to India where details of whatever service she saw have been lost in the mists of time – and the Royal Indian Air Force records system.

She was recovered to Blackbushe, in England, by Doug Arnold in the early seventies and formed part of his Warbirds of Great Britain collection. The Fighter Collection engineers took over the restoration when the aircraft changed hands and were able to complete the work in August of 1992.

MV293 was the first example of its mark to be flying in Europe at that time and was painted in the all silver colours of the post war RAF. In 2000, the aircraft was repainted in the colours of Johnnie Johnson, as a surprise for his attendance at Flying Legends and as a tribute to his last war service Spitfire.



Year Built:1945


Propeller: ( DOWTY ROTOL R19/5F5/1 )










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