The week after Legends

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Hangar Talk I can only liken the feeling in the week following Flying Legends to climbing the steepest and highest mountain; (months in the planning and weeks in the execution) only to throw yourself off at the top once you reach the summit, such is the anti-climax post FL. This years FL brought us some extra challenges that we took …

La Ferte 2016

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Our photographer sent these through last night, as he is a photographer he doesn’t do writing so we will have to guess what was going on. First off, Bob and Chris M. take a well earned rest having just enjoyed the best of  French cuisine. Next up Roy (you can never be too careful) Smith finishes re-arming EP120, “just in …

New Miss Velma film

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Our  colonial engineer  Lawrence was up  in Miss Velma  recently with his old super  8   cine  camera.  We put the results on our  Facebook  page but if  you  don’t do Facebook  here is  the  video:  

Happy New Year

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First engine run of 2016 after enqine maintenance . Fighter Collections TF-51 Miss Velma caught in a rare glimpse of sunny weather between showers at Duxford.

XIV out today

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We   have a  catch up  from last week still to post  but   here we go with today’s activities: The XIV was out for a spin for a display today, with the usual suspects in to help.

Fair stood the wind for France

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We are grateful for contributions from our Friends in France, John Fox and Fred of FBD Studio for these contributions both on the ground (featuring a rather shy and retiring TFC engineer ) and in the air with Nick proving anything a Spitfire can do the Gladiator can too!  Just to say both are now  back at Duxford after their …