Friday goings on

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Corsair successfully fires  up for  first time in a while:     and then back to the  hangar  for a few  tweaks and checks.   We’ll have our  video round up of the  week  later on today.  

Seven Days in May

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In the 7 days  leading up to the IWM air display at the end of  May   TFC were   “busy”. Despite this  they  managed to  grab a few clips of video.  We were  also lucky enough to  catch the  TFC  Hellcat (thanks to Pete C from veao who were setting up the Flight Sim stuff in the  hangar at the time …


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After   the  reports from Chino over the  week end (thanks  JBS) we are  back to the  hangar at  Duxford today.  TFC Spitfire  MK V EP120 has  been out on the  line for engine  tests today While work is  also continuing on the Mk XIV with reassembly of the  Griffon engine well advanced.  We will  be  providing more  detail of the  …

New arrival at TFC

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With summer  fast  approaching Friends of  TFC have  helped the  engineers by   replacing one of the  oldest and most important   pieces of  equipment in the  inventory.  Never really on show to the  public but  an essential part of the   engineers  toolkit.  You guessed it, a  replacement  Fridge.   No more   doubtful smelling milk, soggy  butter or  unidentified  green stuff lurking …