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JBS  has sent another   postcard from Chino Snafu and a couple of new friends.  ‘New meets Old’, a nice comparison of the F-22 Raptor and a T-6 Texan. Stevo Hinton in good form refueling the Commemorative Air Force Spitfire earlier today. And a lovely shot of P-51B ‘Boise Bee’ in the early evening orange light just before Stevo takes …

Message from America

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One of   the TFC volunteers , JBS,  is   getting some  practice in for Flying Legends aircraft  handling  by helping out at  Chino this week end.  He should  be along  later with a  few  notes .  In the  mean time  he thought we would like a few pictures including one of an old  friend, I think it is the  sunshine  he …

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So we are sitting in the excellent Duxford Aviation Society volunteers cafe last Sunday and long term TFC volunteer Gareth passes me a DVD and says “thought you might be interested guv”. Too right! This is part 1. “Friends of TFC” will be able to watch the “air to air” stuff in part 2 later this week. Roll on Flying …

Snafu-return flight

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As promised more on Snafu and Stansted. You can see the Look East Article on BBC iplayer here about 10/11 minutes in (UK viewers only) and we have a short video of her return from Stansted in this post: Thanks as ever to the guys in the hangar for allowing us this unique access to a very special aircraft. Next …

First Flight of the Spring – Hawk 75

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Sorry  no  pictures  but  reports from the hangar say that the  Hawk 75  had a successful  test flight  just  after  lunch today.   However we  have got a picture  of the P-47 having engine  runs