The Fighter Collection in May 2016 -The Corsair

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Our  Corsair at  the  Duxford  May  Airshow this weekend,  first in a series of  slideshows of Fighter Collection aircraft  at the  show.   [slideshow_deploy id=’15688′]   The Corsair is  planned to be  displaying at  Flying Legends  2016 – there is  still  time  to  book  your  tickets  online  HERE

La Ferte 2016

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Our photographer sent these through last night, as he is a photographer he doesn’t do writing so we will have to guess what was going on. First off, Bob and Chris M. take a well earned rest having just enjoyed the best of  French cuisine. Next up Roy (you can never be too careful) Smith finishes re-arming EP120, “just in …

A Busy Sunday

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Today was partly spent  playing  Hangar  Drafts where  Martin decides we need the aircraft at the back  of the  hangar moved to  the  front.  In over  20 years of    moving aircraft at TFC  no one  has yet devised a simple  solution.  Anyway  having moved some of the  aircraft outside we thought it might be a  good  idea to  fly a …

Another postcard from our man at Chino

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Morning, Here are a few images from today. The Bremont Horsemen flew their superb routine twice today, once in P-51D Mustangs and then in F-86 Sabres to close the show. (That is  the  last time  you are  sneaking jet  pictures into the  diary – Ed)   An image of me in front of an old friend, and before you ask …

More from Chino

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JBS  has sent another   postcard from Chino Snafu and a couple of new friends.  ‘New meets Old’, a nice comparison of the F-22 Raptor and a T-6 Texan. Stevo Hinton in good form refueling the Commemorative Air Force Spitfire earlier today. And a lovely shot of P-51B ‘Boise Bee’ in the early evening orange light just before Stevo takes …