A rather special film

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As you would expect we receive  a lot of brilliant photos and videos and often we share these on our diary  page.  Today we received something extra special.  It is  on YouTube and was  made last week  at Flying Legends:  Thanks to s Jesper Rådegård from Sweden. http://youtu.be/aGFPNZxPr4A   Enjoy. We have also made available  a link to our  photos  for …

And We’re Off!

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Flying Legends 2014 is now underway, with the Flightline Walk having opened at 0900. Remember the Flightline Walk is free to FoTFC so come and join us today! We have one stand near the control tower and an enclosure opposite the American Air Museum.

Friends of TFC renewals

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A  message for Friends of TFC:  We  are  now  midway  through the update of our  subscription upgrade.  You  may  have received a cancellation from PayPal, this is  cancelling your old paypal account with us, don’t worry you are still enrolled in Friends of TFC. There are a number of  options you  can follow  depending on when your  subscription expires.  Please …

TFC at Duxford May Show

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Great Weather  today !  A few  pictures  of TFC  aircraft and  some of the crew participating in the week end  Great to see and chat to everyone who stopped  by the  Friends of TFC stall:   First the  Flight Simulation department who were  busy  both  days EP120 who  had  great fun in the tail chase with the Buchons and assorted  …

New arrival at TFC

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With summer  fast  approaching Friends of  TFC have  helped the  engineers by   replacing one of the  oldest and most important   pieces of  equipment in the  inventory.  Never really on show to the  public but  an essential part of the   engineers  toolkit.  You guessed it, a  replacement  Fridge.   No more   doubtful smelling milk, soggy  butter or  unidentified  green stuff lurking …

Membership News

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Could Peter Rouse who recently applied for online membership  confirm his email and post code so we  can progress his application?

Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn

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It is with great sadness that we heard of the passing of one of our Honorary Friends of TFC, Tony Benn. We contacted Tony in the late 1990’s when we discovered one of our Fighter Log contributors trained with him in Rhodesia to fly Thunderbolts. Tony replied immediately to confirm he would be delighted to become an Honorary Friend of …

News about Friends of TFC

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We have made a few changes to the membership benefits of FofTFC – Friends can click HERE to read what they are and why. We are quite excited about the opportunities these changes will allow.