Friends of TFC renewals

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A  message for Friends of TFC: 

We  are  now  midway  through the update of our  subscription upgrade.  You  may  have received a cancellation from PayPal, this is  cancelling your old paypal account with us, don’t worry you are still enrolled in Friends of TFC.

There are a number of  options you  can follow  depending on when your  subscription expires.  Please click HERE to find out what is  best for  you.

You  will also see we  have added a  “log in” button to the  right of this page.  This will allow Friends to view an enhanced version of our diary  pages  (once you have upgraded and received a new and simpler password option.  There is no  cost attached  to this upgrade unless your subscription is due this month anyway) .

Thank you again for your  support, for Friends of TFC