October Hangar Catch up

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With the winter drawing ever closer, the flying season is has drawn to a close and so the engineers set about servicing the aircraft. Currently the Gladiator is in in a rather revealing mode with a  chance to catch some interesting internal detail, elswhere the Hellcat and Wildcat now carry engine  inhibited warnings.




Among other happenings this week  one of our long standing engineers (and previously a volunteer) , Fred, has left for pastures new. TFC wish him all the best for the future.

Here he is  in characteristically cheerful mood after a backseat experience in Miss Velma:


Talking of Miss V,  today she  was the subject of attention from the TFC  volunteer team:


We also had a quick hangar shuffle with the Staggerwing:




Legends – the true meaning

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On Thursday we  had a visitor  to the  hangar. John Cronin was a Fleet Air Arm pilot in 1945, completed his flying training on the Cornell and Harvard before going on to the Martlet (Wildcat) He managed eight deck landings on an aircraft carrier with a collapsed oleo “on the wrong side” which made the take-off swing even worse than normal.


He then was posted to Tambaran near Madras (now Chennai) to fly the Hellcat, in preparation for the invasion of Japan. Whilst there, however, the hostilities came to an end and John gratefully returned to the UK and his life as an insurance salesman. Now 89 years young, he is still active, driving himself and brother Tom to Duxford today and although not able to get into the Hellcat this time it was a great pleasure to welcome him again.

You  can see  our aircraft    Legends such as John   flew  below as the aircraft are   nearly as active as John (including the Hellcat). Video as  caught at the   Duxford September  show.


Gladiator in the prizes

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Gloster Gladiator II G-GLAD takes second place in the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation concours d’elegance at Goodwood Revival. Even after a through preparation by the boys and girls at TFC, and a flyaway crew to add show sparkle on arrival at Goodwood, we were narrowly beaten into the runner up spot by a superbly detailed Cessna 195 Business Liner. The competition attracts some of the best pre-1966 aircraft from the UK and Europe. The (other) star attraction was the Hiller UH-12E4 helicopter from the 007 movie ‘Goldfinger’ flown by Bond girl ‘Pussy Galore’ played by Honor Blackman.  The trophy was received on behalf of Stephen Grey by TFC Engineer Joe Kennedy who was presented with the award by Lady March.

Gladiator plus trophy


You can read more about this in the Daily Telegraph feature -here


Where to find us this weekend

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OK, The DCS guys are in the hangar with P40, P-51, Fw190 demos and more. Friends of TFC are out by hangar 3 in a marquee thingy with merchandise, goodys , membership renewals and people who like to talk about old aeroplanes. The Fighter Collection have a few aeroplanes in the display, you can check out some of the practice the displays from today below:









Goodwood Update

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Well both the Gladiator and Jeep arrived safely at Goodwood for the revival, here are a few photos. An update on todays flying activity will follow later!

20140911_125436 20140911_155816 20140911_155836

More Preparations for the Weekend

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At Duxford today even the slightly murky weather could not put a stop to TFC activity, with the H75 having an air test, Gladiator and the Willis jeep departing for the Goodwood Revival and the P-40F was also up for a test flight. On the subject of the P-40F, our friends at VEAO have sent us an exclusive public release images of their upcoming P-40F module:




This Willis Jeep en route:


And photos from todays activity:









Duxford September Airshow update number 1

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As usual it is a busy  lead up to the  September  airshow  with  engine and airtests.  The P40F was out today  for a run up.  That brings us rater  neatly on to the  weekend and what you  can see from the Fighter  Collection.   We will have more news as  the  week  rolls on.

As  well as   a number of our aircraft displaying in the air the  DCS team will  be in the  hangar.  Where do these guys  find the time? We asked them for a  sneak  preview of what they  were going to demo and they said No!

You  can see why when you learn they are  going to  demonstrate for the  first time in public the up and coming VEAO P-40F and F8F-2 Bearcat!!  How cool is that?

You  can also try your hand flying a P-51D Mustang or a Focke Wulf Fw190D-9?  So come along and have a chat with some of the pilots from the Virtual Horsemen and VEAO Simulations.

With the release of the VEAO Hawk on the near horizon there will also have this being demonstrated in 3D on the Occulus Rift!

The crew from Virtual Aerobatics will be here all weekend if you want some hints and tips for your DCS technique.