Gladiator at Sywell

camera Gladiator

Here are a few photos from PK’s display at Sywell today: It’s now safely back at Duxford, photo thanks to Fred:

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Tuesday update

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Lots of brilliant photo reports around the internet. In brief a busy day for the team at TFC with test flights and display practices from the Hellcat, Bearcat Gladiator and notably Corsair (first time in the air since 2012) as well as other display participants. The P-40C had engine runs to whet the appetite. To add to the splendid photos …

Gladiator and Nimrod out in the sun

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View at Duxford this  morning with  the Fighter Collection Hawker  Nimrod and Glostor  Gladiator outside  awaiting their  pilots for a display at Old Warden  this afternoon. Update, 13:30 weather conditions  mean  flights will not take place.  

February 9th update

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Looking around the  hangar and  the winter maintenance continues, if you think you  might like to  volunteer with the  Fighter Collection we  will have an announcement of interest  soon: Volunteers cleaning Sea Fury parts   Wildcat Engine   Gladiator Engine   Sea Fury Spitfire Mk 1

More engine runs

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Bearcat/Wildcat and Gladiator all out for runs today. Below is a piece of video caught by Fred of the Gladiator on Monday:

Gladiator the Video

admin Gladiator

Rob managed to push the  video  button on his  camera  while snapping away, this is part 1 of his  video experience, worth it for the audio alone…