More Preparations for the Weekend

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At Duxford today even the slightly murky weather could not put a stop to TFC activity, with the H75 having an air test, Gladiator and the Willis jeep departing for the Goodwood Revival and the P-40F was also up for a test flight. On the subject of the P-40F, our friends at VEAO have sent us an exclusive public release images …

Bearcat and Hawk

admin Grumman Bearcat, hawk

No pictures  but  great to see the Hawk out and about   (up in the air three times) today and the Bearcat with drop tank attached air testing as well!

TFC Curtis Hawk 27 April 2014

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TFC Hawk Test flight  today.  What  better way to spend your Sunday lunch time? [slideshow_deploy id=’2683′]

Duxford Autumn Display

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A day of great changes, at one stage the Wildcat didn’t know whether it was an inside or outside day. Eventually the sun shone through and the aircraft emerged for some great flying in the afternoon