Friday goings on

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Corsair successfully fires  up for  first time in a while:     and then back to the  hangar  for a few  tweaks and checks.   We’ll have our  video round up of the  week  later on today.  


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6 June 2014 – So that is the  engine  run for the   Corsair  then.

More from the archive

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So we are sitting in the excellent Duxford Aviation Society volunteers cafe last Sunday and long term TFC volunteer Gareth passes me a DVD and says “thought you might be interested guv”. Too right! This is part 1. “Friends of TFC” will be able to watch the “air to air” stuff in part 2 later this week. Roll on Flying …

Last week of January 2014

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As the  first  month of  2014 comes to an end work  continues around the  hangar.  Since last  week the  Wildcat  has  come into the  maintenance area.                               While the  Corsair and Hellcat await  parts  before undergoing engine  runs. The  Spitfire mk XIV is well into  the  …

Sunday 4th August Update

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First, we have sent an email to all recent joiners of FofTFC with log in details. please let us know if you have not received an email and think you should have. Today at Duxford: If you looked in the hangar from a tall ladder like this you may have felt nothing was going on. But if you looked a …

Friday 12th October

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Another busy day for the engineering team at TFC. The Mk XIV and Corsair were given some exercise by the Guv’nor and the Harvard was also up and about. We look forward to meeting up with Friends at our stand in the hangar on Sunday morning. Rob Scott caught this rather nice portrait of the Corsair for us.

The story so far

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Bearcat and Corsair have been up for a practice and I am informed that the pilots currently enjoying an ice cream or two! Pictures of aeroplanes later but not the ice creams.