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Tuesday update

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Lots of brilliant photo reports around the internet. In brief a busy day for the team at TFC with test flights and display practices from the Hellcat, Bearcat Gladiator and notably Corsair (first time in the air since 2012) as well as other display participants. The P-40C had engine runs to whet the appetite. To add to the splendid photos …

More first flights of the year

admin Grumman Bearcat, Kittyhawk P40-F, Mustang TF-51, nimrod

The busy week  continues:  Yesterday the Bearcat  returned from an extended  break in France, the TF=51 has  nearly completed  engine tests after  arriving on the G-register, the P-40F was out on line for an engine  check while highlight of  today was the Nimrod up for a test flight with Mr  Goldspink.

Bearcat on holiday

admin Grumman Bearcat

Saturday  Morning 09:45  After an engine  test   by Martin.  The Bearcat, with  droptank  refitted departed for France  en route to La  Ferte Alais  via  Le Touquet with  Brian Smith at the  controls.   Spot the  difference!      

Bearcat and Hawk

admin Grumman Bearcat, hawk

No pictures  but  great to see the Hawk out and about   (up in the air three times) today and the Bearcat with drop tank attached air testing as well!

More from the archive

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So we are sitting in the excellent Duxford Aviation Society volunteers cafe last Sunday and long term TFC volunteer Gareth passes me a DVD and says “thought you might be interested guv”. Too right! This is part 1. “Friends of TFC” will be able to watch the “air to air” stuff in part 2 later this week. Roll on Flying …