Duxford September Airshow update number 1

admin TFC

As usual it is a busy  lead up to the  September  airshow  with  engine and airtests.  The P40F was out today  for a run up.  That brings us rater  neatly on to the  weekend and what you  can see from the Fighter  Collection.   We will have more news as  the  week  rolls on.

As  well as   a number of our aircraft displaying in the air the  DCS team will  be in the  hangar.  Where do these guys  find the time? We asked them for a  sneak  preview of what they  were going to demo and they said No!

You  can see why when you learn they are  going to  demonstrate for the  first time in public the up and coming VEAO P-40F and F8F-2 Bearcat!!  How cool is that?

You  can also try your hand flying a P-51D Mustang or a Focke Wulf Fw190D-9?  So come along and have a chat with some of the pilots from the Virtual Horsemen and VEAO Simulations.

With the release of the VEAO Hawk on the near horizon there will also have this being demonstrated in 3D on the Occulus Rift!

The crew from Virtual Aerobatics will be here all weekend if you want some hints and tips for your DCS technique.