Fighter Log Autumn 2015 is now available

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Update  for Friends of TFC.  You  can now  view the latest   Fighter Log  online.


OK, so this edition is a bit  seasonal, well everyone  else  has  decided Christmas  starts in November so  why  not?  Seriously if you want to order any Christmas Goodies now is the  time.

Aeroplane  wise  Martin has  provided us with a  series of insights into the  challenges of  aircraft restoration and maintenance including the Gladiator, Spitfire mkVb, P-36, and Mustang.

Elsewhere in Fighter Log  we  have our annual Christmas  video with  a few   highlights of TFC aircraft  on the ground and in action 🙂  .  Finally those  Christmas offers.  You will see the   Friends  Discount  price automatically when you are logged in.

Separately, we   are increasing the  annual single  subscription to £15 and the family  subscription remains at  £25.  Current renewals will  remain at  £10 for the  time  being.  The increase is to allow us to increase benefits to Friends, more  news to follow.  You  can also read   in Fighter Log  how  your  support   has  helped  purchase a  tool   cabinet  from TENG TOOLS   as an early   Christmas present for   use  by  the Fighter Collection volunteers.

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