More things to see in Hangar 2 this week end

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Just t o  update  you on what we  have in Hangar 2 this week end.

As if the  opportunity to win 2  gold passes for  Flying Legends 2013 was not enough.  We also have the  ever  cheerful Friends of TFC team on hand to talk about  old aeroplanes and stuff, and  Friends of TFC merchandise to  prepare your self for the  airshow  season.

Finally  you can have a go at  Flying a Mustang, well not a real one but Two members of The Virtual Horsemen will be on hand in Hangar 2 at Duxford on the Sunday, showcasing The Fighter Collection’s / Eagle Dynamics latest flight simulator, DCS: World. We will have a PC  set up, with all available modules including A-10C, Ka-50 Black Shark, P-51D Mustang & the Huey, for you all to try your hand at flying the latest generation of PC simulation.

More information on the Virtual Horsemen can be found at

So before the  flying starts  do call in and see us,