July update

admin Friends of TFC

Being nearly the end of July it is time for a few housekeeping notices and news updates.

First a plea from Friends of TFC admin section: Handwriting! The team are struggling with many of the new applications and renewals to Friends of TFC as they try to decipher email addresses and names This really does delay sending out membership cards and updating online access. So please do write clearly on any paper based forms you send in. It really will be appreciated.

Next: News on the Friends of TFC pages. As mentioned before these are well underway with new sections on archive material, Fighter Logs and photo details of current and past TFC operated aircraft. We will also have a unique special offer to launch these pages so stay tuned.

Next: Comments facility on TFC diary pages- We are switching these off, not because we don’t to hear from you but because the system is clogged up with spam and offers to buy shoes and handbags. If you need to contact us about feedback on air displays or Friends enquiries etc. please use the contact buttons or Facebook page.

Hangar update: With Flying legends a distant memory the majority of the fleet are undergoing routine maintenance. The exception being the P-47 which while being disassembled near the hangar door provides a unique opportunity to see the inner workings of this magnificent aeroplane.

Fighter Log – we are basically rewriting the version we had before Flying Legends and hope you won’t be disappointed with the result.

Finally the FofTFC merchandise team ask me to tell you that we are all out of XL Polo shirts.