October Hangar Catch up

camera Gladiator, Grumman Bearcat, Mustang TF-51, staggerwing, TFC, Wildcat

With the winter drawing ever closer, the flying season is has drawn to a close and so the engineers set about servicing the aircraft. Currently the Gladiator is in in a rather revealing mode with a  chance to catch some interesting internal detail, elswhere the Hellcat and Wildcat now carry engine  inhibited warnings. Among other happenings this week  one of our …

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More Noise At Work

admin Mustang TF-51

While we are sorting out todays pics and news – another of those  turn the volume up to 11 videos:    

More first flights of the year

admin Grumman Bearcat, Kittyhawk P40-F, Mustang TF-51, nimrod

The busy week  continues:  Yesterday the Bearcat  returned from an extended  break in France, the TF=51 has  nearly completed  engine tests after  arriving on the G-register, the P-40F was out on line for an engine  check while highlight of  today was the Nimrod up for a test flight with Mr  Goldspink.